The State Of The Sky Is Blue

by The Sky Is Blue



Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drum programming, production on tracks 1-4 by Jon Rees
Vocals, guitar, bass guitar and keyboards on track 5 by Jon Rees
Drums, additional guitar and production on track 5 by Ian Bostic at All About The Beat Studios
All songs written by Jon Rees

© Jon Rees 2015. All rights reserved.


released 20 April 2015



all rights reserved


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Track Name: When You Speak
All through the night you will dream
You are out at sea with your love
All through the day you will dream
Of your life, your new life, far away.
Track Name: Eighteen Years
Hold it out of sight
Your time, your hope, your love
Eighteen hours a day
You're only using half your aching heart

Things you thought you knew
Take flight, they'll go each day
Left with doubt and fear
The sense that you spoke better in the past

Eighteen years ago
The warmth you felt and knew would last
Until your dreams came true
You know it's only a matter of time
And then you'll show them all what's right
You'll have control, you'll breathe in night
And spit out soul
I hoped that you would be alright
I dreamed that you would be alright
Track Name: Disintegration
When we wake
The sound
Is alarms
And slow disintegration

When we escape
The sound
Is alarms
And slow disintegration

When we wake
The only sound
Is alarms
And slow disintegration

When we escape
The only sound
Is alarms
And slow disintegration
Track Name: Aces
These aces up my sleeve
I turned them all down
For control, for stability

What's your cross to bear?
Are you alone tonight, in poisoned air?

Feeling low?
Take comfort in your friends
'cos they know; they are all like you

And if they don't call
You should find new blood and start again

Start again
While you still know how
In the dream, when you lost your nerve
Track Name: Not Soon Enough
I'm out of time
It points to the end

We've been everywhere
We've seen everything

Not soon enough